IPETHICON renders all the educational services under its venture “IPTSE Academy”. These educational services are in the domain of Intellectual Property (IP) trainings/awareness/capacity building/IP advocacy/IP certifications

1. Organizing Competitive IP Examination

While many may tout to be an Intellectual Property (IP) expert. Such a credential offers an individual with a competitive edge and in various job opportunities. One of the best ways is to prove one’s IP credentials by way of qualifying a competitive IP examination. IPETHICON has an expertise in facilitating such proctored IP examination by way of developing customized question banks, tailor-made course materials, developing examination strategy to identify rank holders etc.

IPETHICON is administering Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE) under its venture 'IPTSE Academy'. IPTSE is an IP Talent Search Exam that certifies individuals by testing their knowledge on various IP subjects such as patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, geographical indications etc. There are several govt bodies, educational institutes and industry that have been supporting IPTSE initiative. For more details refer to https://iptse.com.

Intellectual Property cuts across several sectors and domains. It stands the test of time and is inevitable for all professions. There are several career opportunities that are opened up with the advent of enhanced IP knowledge. It opens up the doors to newer avenues such as IP litigator IP teacher, IP proof readers, IP paralegals, IP policy experts, IP prosecutionist, IP ambassadors, IP bloggers etc. Intellectual Property has impacts every person in several ways. The best way to learn is through the experience gained by others.

Under the aegis of Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination (IPTSE), there are live interactions carried out with IP stalwarts/IP experts who share their knowledge and experience on IP led to positive transitions in their lives. Thus far several such interviews have been conducted under the campaign "IN CONVERSATION WITH". These conversations are streamed live on IPTSE You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVEuwlZ8y3q88cLJo_3r94A
If you also have your IP story to share, then you may like to write to us at enquiry@iptse.com. We will be happy to touch base with you and carry your live interview if it has potential to help others in their learning curve.

3. Organizing Industry Led Customized IP Courses & Trainings

Intellectual Property is a vast subject and requires tailor made Intellectual Property (IP) programs that suit the needs of various stakeholders. We organizes such customized IP courses and trainings such as the one’s specifically made for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, design, hospitality, agriculture, law, architechture and many more.
There are several educational institutes where IP is taught, however mere literature/theory on IP cannot be helpful unless it is dovetailed with its industrial application. IPTSE Academy has developed industry led IP courses that are suitable for various stakeholders and academic institutions. Those interested may write to us at ipethicon@ipethicon.com

4. Research Reports & Training Materials

Data is the new oil. The one who has data is understood to have competitive advantage. In the field of Intellectual Property, there is a need to develop high quality research papers/position papers/training materials etc. that can equip individuals with enough proof/data points. We are hired by agencies to develop research work and papers.
Further, we also develop post conference reports that can act as a ready reckoner. Some of the webinars/interviews/interactions that we organized, have been captured in the form of reports. Please click here to see some of those.

5. Training the Trainers (T3) Program

T3 program is a unique IPR program specifically designed for teachers/faculties. Customized training is offered to teachers who at the end of the program emerge as potential IP trainers. Such IP trainers are then able to launch their entrepreneurial dreams. The training is inclusive of offering them IP based education, conducting interviews, enhancing their soft skills etc.
Training the Trainers is like faculty development programs (FDPs) that aid in honing up the skills of teachers/faculties at various educational institutes.
Institutions that are interested in organizing T3/FDPs programs may kindly write to us at ipethicon@ipethicon.com

6. Facilitate in Improvising Accreditations & Rankings

IPETHICON assists various educational institutes in developing customized IP course curriculum for students. It includes guiding them through the innovation ecosystem, institutionalizing in-house IPR Policies, establishing IP cells, offer internships, organizing IP hackathons, hosting IP fests etc.
All the activities aim at facilitating institutes in raising their NIRF/ARIIA rankings and NBA/NAAC accreditations.

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