About us

IPETHICON is an educational Academy focusing on intellectual property (IP). It is intensively involved in sensitizing various sections of the society on the importance of IP in economic growth. The team with rich industry experts makes this company stand out and have an edge. IP related educational services are offered to educational institutes, technical groups, inventors, researchers, academia (schools & universities), professionals, start-ups, MSMEs, industry associations, government institutes, research promotion organizations, facilitation centers, tech transfer organizations (TTOs), contract research organizations (CROs) etc.

IPETHICON is promoting awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) by way of hosting various competitive examinations, scholarships, awards & developing IP resources (such as customized IP course materials, IP Booklets, audio/video presentations etc.), IP blog contents, articles, developing position papers/opinion papers, advocacy materials, IP filing & prosecution services, organizing various IP events etc.

IPETHICON is working at a grass root level in developing understanding of IP by engaging with several young minds in schools and educational institutes to help foster innovative/creative mindset in the country.

Meet the team

Mr Sourabh Sachdeva


Mr Sourabh Sachdeva is a Director of the IPETHICON (an educational foundation) who has an extensive years of experience in the field of financing, banking, education, corporate strategist, industry mentor etc.

Ms Powlami Ghosh

Honorary Advisors

Ms Powlami Ghosh is a certified licensing professional (CLP) who has an expertise in taking ideas to market. She has more than 15 years of experience working with industry and academia.

Dr. Alka Chawla

Honorary Advisors

Dr. Alka Chawla is currently teaching Intellectual Property , Administrative Law and Jurisprudence and she also obtained a Ph.D. in   Copyright Law from the university of Delhi. 

Mr S K Shukla

Honorary Advisors

Mr S K Shukla has 40+ years of industry and entrepreneurial experience who has intensive understanding of Intellectual Property. Several IPRs have been granted to him by federal government agency (Intellectual Property Office).

Mr Aman Sinha

Honorary Advisors

Mr Aman Sinha completed a Post Graduate course, i.e. LLB Hons. in Intellectual Property Law from the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law (RGIOPL) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kgp).

Saurabh Bindal

Honorary Advisors

Saurabh Bindal is a product of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) and has rich academic educational background in the field of IP.

Ms. Ankita Tyagi

Honorary Advisors

Ankita is responsible to promote innovation and bilateral cooperation of Europe and India by identifying and liasoning with relevant stakeholders through collaborations. She is having 12+ years of government and industry experience. She is also a certified IP expert.

Join us for a bright career

Those interested in field of Intellectual property may write to us for career opportunities. IP enthusiasts are welcome to join the IP work force as interns, research scholars, IP faculty, IP bloggers etc. You may write to us at enquiry@iptse.com or ipethicon@ipethicon.com.